Triptych 'No a la Guerra' (Water, Oil, Blood), ink on canvas, shotgun, 104 x 60 cm each , 2015, Courtesy Stadtmuseum Linz NORDICO

Their calm drops, following in more or less clear trajectories, or lively, lively, or those of a secure gold-base, are countered by those who are injured by shotgun bombardment. They are to be read as a clear rejection of the obsolete war slaughter and as a pacifist artistic statement. These works, titled "No a la guerra!" Could not be more timely. They attack the omnipresent violence that destroys the beauty, happiness and naturalness of human society. (Eva Manner, Land OOE)

Just as apparently succinct as the precious gold are the shots in some pictures. Just as the brush strokes, the shots are set exactly. ( Gezielte Striche, gezielte Schüsse, OOEN )

The Triptych " No a la Guerra ". Here I have used genuine shotguns, which destroy everything very easily, everything that is beautiful and precious, also everything that lives. The pictures are constructed in contrasts, the forceful shots here as opposed to the delicate ephemeral drops. Different colors symbolize the resources for which most wars are fought.. (Ekaterina Fischnaller)>