Texts from and about Ekaterina Fischnaller

1. Stella Rollig: Text to the Catalogue „Tropfen“

2. Eva-Maria Manner: Speech at the Exhibition „Tropfen“

3. Ekaterina Fischnaller: About the "Tropfenserie", on the occasion of a TV-Interview, June 2015

4. OÖN Review of the exhibition „Tropfen“ May 2015

5. Video at DORF TV aboput the exhibition in Hofkabinett May 2015 (german language).

6. Must-See Gallery Section Booths at Berliner Liste 2016

7. 13 Artworks to Collect at Berliner Liste 2016

8. The speech of Wiltrud Katherina Hackl at the opening of the exhibition 'IRGENDWO IRGENDWANN', Hofkabinett, Nov/Dec 2020